Kabaret at Karamel… Two in Perfect Harmony

What: The Incorruptibles Soiree

When: 7th July 2017

Who: Louise Kleboe and her Society of Imaginary Friends; Darren Hirst; The Astronauts; Martin Wakefield and more

Where: The Karamel Music Club and Restaurant, Wood Green, London

The band who opened Glastonbury

A kind of punky-folky rock band

A poet talking about creation

And the ghost of the white-faced clown holding a teddy and reciting Shakespearean monologues and soliloquies.

In a vegan restaurant and bar.

What could be more everyday? What could go wrong?

As it turned out not very much…

I’d met Louise Kleboe and her fiance, Alfie when I was working on this year’s Shakespearience so when she asked me if I would be prepared to take part in this soiree, I thought I would return the favour. I’d be unable to make the date for the June club night due to other commitments but July suited me just fine. This particular evening was entitled The Incorruptibles and publicised with a picture of Margaret Rutherford playing Miss Marple.


I’d been requested to use a soliloquy  from Hamlet which had been part of the Shakespearience and I decided to come up with another one for the occasion. Several weeks later I was ready for a cane-stomping rendition of one of the Porter scenes from Macbeth and all was set.


Louise and Alfie’s own set was amazing. Louise is one of the most imaginative vocalists around and she was a real find to have had in the Shakespearience.



The Astronauts were full of energy if a little outside of my normal palate. The poetry was great. There was another solo musician who I really enjoyed and who I’m probably going to really offend by not catching his name.


And so to The Porter. More white make up and blue lipstick and this alter-ego has really become something of a part of me. My Porter carries a cane and wears a black fez. Under his arm, as he was just about to go to bed when the noise began, is a teddy. Now Gilbert Teddy has been with me for 33 years but this is only the second time we have worked together. I discovered him backstage at a theatre in Wath-On-Dearne when I was on tour in a musical. He was hanging around in props and wardrobe and somehow he seemed to leave in my company. We’ve been waiting for our moment ever since…

“Here’s a knocking indeed…”


Retiring Gilbert for the moment and changing into a crown and leather gloves, I became Claudius, King of Denmark. More familiar with this one and a little more confident…

“My offence is rank. It smells to heaven…”

Ravenscroft Arts 170517 lo res-4681

I wonder if I’ll get invited back.

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